Jitterbit 3 expands open source data integration

From the ‘complex things we need to do‘ files:

In a perfect world, data would all be easily transportable and consumable. The world is not perfect, and that’s why the work that open source data integration vendor Jitterbit does, is valuable to many organizations. I first wrote about Jitterbit around the time of their 1.0 release in 2006 ,and now they’re gearing up with their 3.0 release.

What has changed in the last three years is that Jitterbit now has some big name customers including NASA, and Continental Airlines and their software is scaling to meet the demand of larger organizations and more complex types of data integration

Jitterbit 3.0 now has support for multi-user environments as well as the ability to stream data via HTTP.

What is helping to drive Jitterbit’s business forward is the cloud.

“The lion’s share of our business today is coming from organizations that are adopting some kind of cloud computing,” Ilan Sehayek, CTO of Jitterbit told me.

That makes a lot of sense. Cloud infrastructures by their nature are distributed and have a build-in need to pull data for multiple sources.

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