Juniper gets new CMO from Nortel

From the ‘it’s a small world‘ files:

Juniper Networks has named Lauren Flaherty as its new executive vice-president and Chief Marketing Officer. According to Juniper’s release on the appointment, Flaherty most recently served as CMO of Nortel Networks from 2006-2008.

Yes that Nortel. The same one that just recently filed for bankruptcy protection.

Nortel aside, Flaherty spent the previous 26 years at IBM.

“While at Nortel,
Flaherty created a fully integrated marketing function that represented
all lines of business, and created Nortel’s first Global Marketing
Board, which enabled the development of marketing investments that were
fully aligned to sales and the company’s strategic objectives,” Juniper’s announcement release
states. “Flaherty
also led many of Nortel’s strategic business initiatives, including the
company’s first global Enterprise campaign, leadership of the company’s
green marketing initiatives and its bids for sponsorship of the
Vancouver 2010 and London 2012 Olympic Games.

Nortel sure has let a lot of good people go.

For Juniper this is a solid move though not sure what it means for their current CMO Penny Wilson. Wilson is still listed (as of 9:45 AM ET) as being the CMO. I never had the opportunity to work with or speak to Wilson, though I met her predeccesor Jeff Lindholm once.

It will be interesting to see if Flaherty goes after her former company (Nortel) now that it’s in trouble.

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