Last chance to see world’s ugliest Web site

Oddly enough, there’s a company eager to stake the claim of World’s Ugliest Web site.

“Over the past few months, our team has visited thousands of Web sites, and none is as ugly as Guidezilla,” said Ryan Duques of WD Enterprises, citing Guidezilla’s lackluster graphics, tricky navigability, and ho-hum fonts as examples of its unsightliness.

WD Enterprises owns [Guidezilla](http://, an event calendar site. The company had no qualms proclaiming its own site as the world’s ugliest in a release, part of a clever campaign (hey, it caught my eye) to tout a site redesign set to be unveiled November 2.


“We engaged our users as a focus group and then began to scour the Internet for best-in-class examples. While visiting these sites we realized something else — ours is really ugly,” said Duques.

The new look will enhance the user’s experience with improved navigation, clean graphics, and faster loading pages.

Currently focused on the northeast, accepts and hosts events from around the United States. The site also acts as an aggregator, which republishes events on Web sites like [](, [](, and [](

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