Lawmaker takes to wiki for healthcare reform

Remember that e-government pipedream of writing legislation on a wiki? MixedInk, a startup dedicated to bringing the collaborative Web 2.0 ethos to the political process, is trying to make it happen.

Previously, [MixedInk]( (profiled here) has enlisted its community to work on the Democratic Party platform and draft an inauguration speech for Barack Obama.

Now that Congress is in full swing, the three pals behind the startup are going to try to take on a bill. And a kingfish at that.

Rep. Anthony Weiner, D-N.Y., has thrown in his lot with MixedInk, offering up as suggestions 10 guiding principles for healthcare reform and asking for the community for additions, edits and comments.

“I have argued we need to have government behind glass walls,” Weiner said in a video announcing the project. “People should be able to see in what’s going on. But not only that — they should be able to participate.”

The healthcare comment period is open through July 6.

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