Linux achieves 1 second boot

From the ‘how much faster can it go‘ files:

The race for the fastest Linux boot has been going on for about a year at this point and now we’ve got a new winner. Embedded Linux vendor MontaVista today is announcing the demonstration of a 1 second Linux boot.

In contrast the fastest production Linux releases today are in the 20-25 second range.

To be fair, MontaVista’s Linux with the 1 second boot is embedded and designed specifically for the Freescale Semiconductor
MPC5121e hardware built on Power Architecture technology. That’s not to say they can’t get the same performance on other architectures, it’s that is the hardware on which the first 1 second boot is being demonstrated.

“The achievement of one second boot from cold power to operational
status is a breakthrough in embedded Linux performance,” said Jim Ready,
CTO of MontaVista Software in a statement. “It’s always been thought that embedded
Linux could never perform at this level of speed and efficiency.”

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