Linux Foundation Training Program isn’t certification

From the ‘it’s time to train’ files:

The Linux Foundation put a release this AM announcing a new Linux Training Program. My first reaction was ‘Is the Linux Foundation now going to compete against the Linux Professional Institute (LPI) and their Linux certifications?

The LPI has been the standard bearer of Linux certification for years and as it turns out the Linux Foundation isn’t going to compete with them either.

“The LF training program is focused on more advanced technical training and on connecting developers and operations people directly with leaders from the developer community,” Amanda McPherson, Linux Foundation marketing director told “This does not compete with LPI at all. LF’s program is focused on training. LPI provides certification.

The training the the LF will provide includes: Essential Linux Device Driver Development Skills, Creating Applications for Linux and Kernel Debugging and Performance. The training will initially occur at LF events.

The LPI on the other hand has a certification program known as the LPIC (Linux Professional Institute Certification) which is based on a series of tests that are offered at testing centers around the world. Red Hat is also active in the Linux certification space with its RHCE [Red Hat Certified Engineer] certification.

Personally I think that education is the key to greater Linux understanding and usage.

That said, it would be neat to see the LPI and LF somehow co-ordinate their efforts though in a way the mutually advances both training and certification.The way I see there is confusion in the Linux certification marketplace and it’s something that a broad industry effort like the Linux Foundation could help to address.

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