LinuxWorld is Dead. Long Live Open Source World!

From the “what there is more to open source than just Linux?” files:

As I had predicted earlier this year LinuxWorld is no more. Well not quite. LinuxWorld the big Linux show that occurs ever year in San Francisco is morphing into a new show called OpenSource World.  The re-naming follows a move by O’Reilly to bring the OSCON conference to San Francisco earlier this year.

“In the past ten years the open source market has evolved tremendously. In 1999, it made perfect sense to create the LinuxWorld event, an exclusively Linux show. But, over the years, the event expanded beyond just Linux,” said Melinda Kendall, vice president and general manager, OpenSource World in a statement. “While Linux is the most prominent of hundreds of increasingly successful open source projects, the time is right for us to provide the industry with an event that encompasses not just Linux, but everything under the open source umbrella.”

Frankly I think this is a bit odd in many ways. OSCON moves to the Bay so LinuxWorld – in the same year changes it’s name?

Luckily there will still be a named Linux conference – the Linux Foundation’s LinuxCon which will be in Portland. So a few moving chairs here. OSCON moves from Portland to the Bay. LinuxWorld becomes OpenSource World and a new conf in Portland. Lots of activity in Linux, open source space for sure, hopefully that’s a sign that thought there is an economic slowdown – slow times are not ahead for open source.

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