Lolpolicy for defining Linux security #LinuxCon

From the ‘Useful Lolcats‘ files:

BOSTON. Ever wonder how lolspeak, the language of lolcats could be used to secure Linux?

At LinuxCon, Joshua Brindle from Linux security vendor Tresys (pic left) detailed something he called lolpolicy for making SELinux security policies easier to manage.

Lolpolicy is Brindle’s half-serious implementation of something he referred to as  -CIL (Common Intermediary Language) – which is an intermediate policy language for SELinux. It’s an attempt to clean up some of the management layer of SELinux, Brindle said.

Now lolpolicy is one potential language overlay for CIL. So say for example you want to create a policy for your staff – Brindle said you just input ‘I iz staff’ and if you want full access input ‘om nom nom’ (yeaah lolspeak is…weird).

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