LORCON2 Wi-Fi hacking coming to Metasploit #BlackHat

From the ‘fun with Wi-Fi’ files:

LAS VEGAS. Security researcher Mike Kershaw is on the verge of getting

LORCON2  (acronym for Loss Of Radio CONnectivity) into Metapsploit. Lorcon is an open source network tool for Wi-Fi injection.

“It will figure out which driver a user is using and then for each packet do some fun stuff,” Kershaw said.

In his view many of the same attacks that worked 5 years ago are still valid today,and users aren’t protecting themselves.  Kershaw is employed by Wireless vendor Aruba Networks and his research should leads to more secure wireless gear in my opinion.

Though LORCON2 is not available right now,he did state that the Metasploit module is not vaporware and that the full code should be committed to Metasploit in the coming weeks.

Picture: Mike Kershaw Credit: Sean M. Kerner

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