McCain lashes back with bill to block Net neutrality


I don’t have any skin in the [Net neutrality debate](/government/article.php/3844756/The+Net+Neutrality+Debate+in+Their+Own+Words.htm).

Of course, my livelihood depends on the Web, but I tend to fall somewhere in between the shrieking extremists of the argument who claim that Net neutrality rules or, variously, the lack thereof, will presage the end of the Internet as a free and open communications platform.

So it was with the pretense of detached objectivity that I [recorded the events this morning at the Federal Communications Commission](/government/article.php/3845096/FCC+Begins+March+Toward+Net+Neutrality.htm), where the agency voted to initiate a rule-making process that would seek to establish meaningful and enforceable parameters to hold ISPs to a standard of reasonable network management.

The same day, Sen. John McCain introduced a bill to block the FCC from doing just that.

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