Microsoft getting Seinfeld for ads

From the “no Mac for you!” files:

Jerry Seinfeld is going to be the new pitch man for Microsoft – at least that’s what the Wall Street Journal is now reporting.

Seinfeld who is reportedly getting $10 million for the spots will take on Apple’s Mac vs. PC (with Daily Show comedian John Hodgeman) which are just hilarious spots.
The Apple spots are produced by TBWA/Chiat/Day (I actually worked for Chiat/Day in Toronto in the late 80’s).

Seinfeld is the everyman – the guy that made a show about nothing popular. On a comedic level he can compete against anyone and I think we’re all in for some good comedy – at Microsoft’s expense (literally).

Here are some one liners I’m hoping we’ll hear (but probably won’t):

Blue Screen of Death? What Blue Screen of Death – no one died?

No MAC for you!

Linux? What’s a Linux? Yaddaa yadda yadda you want a PC.

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