Microsoft signs Linux patent deal with Buffalo

From the ‘patent threats‘ files:

Linux users take note: Microsoft has signed another patent licensing agreement with a Linux using vendor. In this new case, Microsoft has signed a deal with Melco Group the group that owns tech vendor Buffalo Technology.

The deal specifically deals with Buffalo’s NAS (network attached storage) devices as well as Buffalo routers – both of which run Linux. 

we plan to increasingly adopt Windows Storage Server for our NAS
business, we also wanted to ensure that our open source and
Linux-embedded devices had the appropriate IP protections,” Hajime Nakai, director and member of the board at Buffalo in a statement. “By
collaborating with Microsoft on a practical business solution, we are
able to provide our customers with the appropriate IP coverage, while
also maintaining full compliance with our obligations under the GPLv2.”

Microsoft has not specifically disclosed which patents it is licensing
to Melco – which is a cause for concern in my opinion.

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