MonitoringForge launches for open source network monitoring

From the ‘Interesting Idea’ files:

There are a lot of different open source system and network monitoring projects. Then there are the professional open source vendors like Zenoss, Hyperic and Groundwork that integrate some projects together. 

Now one of those professional vendors is trying something new.

Groundwork today is officially launching the site, as an effort to be a portal for open source network and system monitoring apps. According to Groundwork, at launch there are already more than 1,700 open source
projects and plugins listed.

I spoke with Tara Spalding, vp of marketing for Groundwork about MonitoringForge and she stressed that the idea was to create an open space that is vendor-neutral.

Makes sense to me, but then again there are already so many different places to get the same information isn’t there?

There are projects that have their own sites, there are the big code hosting sites like Sourceforge and Google Code too. How is a user supposed to know where to go to file a bug or get the latest update?

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