Mono Reborn in Xamarin, thanks to Miguel de Icaza

From the ‘Truth Wants to Be Free’ files:

Mono at Novell/Attachmate is Dead. Long Live Xamarin!

A few weeks back, Attachmate decided to gut the Mono team from its new Novell purchase. At that time, we didn’t know what was going to happen to the developers or the project. Now we do.

Mono founder Miguel de Icaza has created a new startup called Xamarin – which is focused on Mono.

“We have been trying to spin Mono off from Novell for more
than a year now,” De Icaza blogged. “Everyone agreed that Mono would have a
brighter future as an independent company, so a plan was
prepared last year.

Instead of a friendly spin-off, the #$#!! at Attachmate decided to fire the developer talent behind and leave Mono support customers, who knows where.

How does it make any sense to buy a company for $2.2 billion and then just shutdown operations that are generating revenue? (I’m assuming Mono is revenue generating…).

So instead of having a friendly startup that Attachmate could have had an equity interest in, they get NOTHING.

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