More hints on Windows 7’s launch

Microsoft is sticking to early 2010 as the launch date for Windows 7, even though we’ve been told otherwise. Now it seems Microsoft is hinting at an earlier release date as well. Or is it?

The WinHEC 2008 Web site states “there is not another WinHEC planned before Windows 7 is released.” WinHEC has been an annual event for some time, although Microsoft has shifted it from a spring event (taking place in May) to fall (October/November).

WinHEC takes place from November 5-7 in Los Angeles, and yours truly will be’s correspondent at the show and the Professional Developer’s Conference, which takes place the week before.

That statement in and of itself means nothing. After all, Microsoft might not have another WinHEC planned until 2010. But then there’s this interview with ASUS chief Jerry Shen in the Laptop blog, where he states “I think in the future in the second half of next year we will put Windows 7 on Eee PCs.”

Cue the collective facepalms in Redmond as another executive speaks out of turn.

For now, all eyes will be on L.A. next week, when Ray Ozzie and Steve Sinofsky deliver the opening keynote to PDC and Windows 7 makes its debut.

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