Movable Type Open Source? Not quite

There was allot of hype a month ago in the blog world surrounding the announcement of Movable Type going open source.

At the time Anil Dash wrote:

As of today, and forever forward, Movable Type is open source. This means you can freely modify, redistribute, and use Movable Type for any purpose you choose.

That was back on December 12 of 2007. It’s now a month later and guess what?

There is still isn’t a stable Open Source (that is licensed under an OSI approved license) version of Movable Type that is fit for public consumption.  Movable Type is still pushing users who want ‘free’ to use their personal version – which is not Open Source.

The Truth is laid bare on Movable Type’s own download page which states:

Movable Type Open Source Project

There is not yet a stable release of the Open Source version of
Movable Type. MTOS is currently under going testing with the community
to collect feedback and ensure the quality of the product as a whole.
In the meantime, unstable and untested nightly builds are available for download.

So either Movable Type’s download page verbiage is inaccurate – or Anil was a little ahead of himself.

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