Mozilla files landslide bug

From the “aren’t the 2010 Winter games there?” files:

There are a lot of interesting bugs on Mozilla’s bugzilla site. One of the most interesting I’ve ever seen is bug 446804 titled – “Can’t get out of Whistler”

It turns out Mozilla has a developer sumitt this week up in Whistler BC. The main road leading to Whistler was hit by a landslide the other day so developers are now stuck.

What do developers do when there is a problem?
They file a bug report of course.

As of this posting there some 97 comments attached to this bug ranging from the humorous to the practical.

“Soon, the food will run out and we will be forced to eat one another. Luckily,we have interns…,” wrote Al Billings

So, is this going to cause a delay on Firefox 3.0.2?” wrote Ryan S.S.

To add further insult to injury a truck hit the transformer at the hotel where Mozilla is at, shutting off main power.

Anyone see this truck
around the hotel around near the time the transformer was hit?
, ” wrote Mike Schroepfer

All I can say is at least they didn’t run into bears………..

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