Mozilla Firefox 3.0.4 update coming November 12


From the “it pays to be a beta tester” files:

Mozilla is set to release Firefox 3.0.4 on November 12th. The first builds are now available for beta testers.

Firefox 3.0.4 is a stability and security update for Firefox 3.0.x – though at this point Mozilla has not yet issued any public security advisories on what the security issues are that 3.0.4 fixes.

Personally I haven’t see anything on the public security lists (a good thing) – which means that (as usual), Mozilla is keeping a tight lid on letting potentially damaging security information leak out early.

The 3.0.4 release is likely to be out a day after Mozilla releases Firefox 3.1 beta 2 – which could be interesting. I wonder if there are issues fixed in 3.0.4 that are also dealt with in the 3.1 branch too.

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