Mozilla Firefox 4 Beta 11 doesn’t track you, brings WebGL to Linux

From the ‘Try and Track Me‘ files:

Mozilla’s is out with another open source milestone of its next generation Firefox 4 browser. Beta 11 isn’t just a bug fix this time either, it actually adds in a significant new feature with Do Not Track.

What Feature Freeze???

Yeah I know staggering to think that developers will still add features at the Beta 11 stage, that’s just madness. No wonder this release is taking so long to hit general availability. Then again, the recent betas have been so solid and stable, a beta release for Firefox 4 would be a major release for its competitors.

Do Not Track is an interesting idea, but it’s one that relies on other parties in the web ecosystem to implement fully. That said, we should all applaud Mozilla for trying.

Linux users also get a major boost, with the inclusion of WebGL for hardware accelerated graphics.

All told, Beta 11 fixes 348 bugs, which is a decline from the 500 plus of Beta 10 and almost half the 600 plus that were in Beta 9.

Not far now…

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