Mozilla issues Ubiquity 0.1.4 as hotfix – but is it fixed?


From the “what? so soon?” files:

Just yesterday I blogged about the Mozilla Ubiquity 0.1.3 release – today Mozilla is out with 0.1.4 which is labeled as a hotfix release. Ubiquity is a Mozilla Labs project that provides a Firefox add-on with semantic web-type capabilities.

Mozilla developer Atul Varma noted in a posting that 0.1.4 fixes a CSS related issue in Ubiquity.

The Ubiquity 0.1.3 release added new skinning capabilities by way of CSS allowing for more customization of the Ubiquity window. It looks like there are already a few complaints on the main Ubiquity discussion forum about the 0.1.4 release too, so don’t be too surprised if we see a 0.1.5 release soon.

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