Mozilla losing its Chief Security Officer Window Snyder


From the ‘and she really is so nice” files:

Mozilla’s Chief Security Officer Window Snyder announced today that she is leaving her post at Mozilla by the end of the year.

I’ve had the good fortune of speaking with Window many times by phone and met her several times as well. Her grasp of the incredible issues that face browser developers made her an excellent spokesperson for Mozilla over the two years she was there.

“I am sad to be leaving, but I am excited to go work on something I have
always been passionate about,” Snyder blogged. “I wish I could tell you about it now,
but that will have to wait for a while.”

The last time I interviewed Snyder in person was at Black Hat in Las Vegas,
she was accompanied by Johnathan Nightingale (a local Toronto boy).
Nightingale is also named by Snyder as being part of the group that
will help to fill the gap when she leaves. Mozilla has a deep bench when it comes to security and Nightingale and others within Mozilla are more than capable to take the security lead.

Still, I for one will miss speaking with Window Synder as a Mozilla person. So good luck to you Window, wherever you end up!

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