Mozilla Prism hits 1.0 Beta

From the ‘who needs a browser when you have a desktop‘ files:

I’ve been following and using  Mozilla Prism since 2007 when it first appeared as a Mozilla Labs project.The idea is simple: bring online applications to the desktop.

With Prism you can take any online site and create an desktop version that will run without being in a browser. Mozilla is now out with Prism 1.0 beta which builds in new API support, update notifications, control over fonts and settings to make Prism truly behave more like a desktop platform.

“Tens of thousands of end users have installed Prism-enabled sites. Based on their feedback, as well as the experience of website creators, we’ve added new features to bring the user experience of web apps even closer to that of their desktop counterparts,” Mozilla developer Matthew Gertner blogged.

Prism is definitely a good idea, but the market has changed since Mozilla first started on this effort.

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