Mozilla releases Firefox 3 RC3 – FINAL ON June 17

**UPDATED* Final Firefox 3 will be out on June 17th **

From the ‘how much farther‘ files:

Well here it is Firefox 3 Release Candidate 3 – is now out – for Windows, Linux and Mac. Just last week when RC 2 came out , most people (myself included) figured that would be the final release candidate.

Though there are Windows, Linux and Mac versions of RC3, only the Mac version is different (the other ones are just a renamed RC2).

The reason for the RC3 spin on the Mac stems from an Apple issue detailed in bugzilla entry 436575. The issue is related to stability issues with the VerifiedDownloadPlugin.plugin (introduced by OSX 10.5.3).

The ‘funny’ yet somewhat ironic thing is that Apple’s Safari browser is still under a cloud of doubt itself for allowing ‘carpet bombing’ downloads (so Mozilla is patching its browser for Mac faster that Apple is patching its own browser for Mac — though yeaaah I know this is a different issue but still it’s interesting to note).

No word yet on the official date for the final final Firefox 3 release – but if I was a betting man , I’d bet even money on next week.

**UPDATED** And thnx Asa for the comment and to Mr. Mike Beltzner for announcing the date of June 17th (next Tuesday) as the official release date.

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