Mozilla releases Ubiquity 0.1.2 improving updates

From the “faster fixes” files:

Mozilla is updating its Ubiquity semantic mashup tool to version 0.1.2. As far as I can tell the biggest improvement is that this new version will make it easier to get newer versions of Ubiquity – so let’s call this an update for updating.

According to the release notes:

Built-in Ubiquity commands have been moved to automatically-subscribed
Mozilla feeds. This means that we can update commands to fix bugs and
add functionality, and you’ll get the improvements immediately, without
having to download a new version of Ubiquity.

There are other enhancements too – most notably the ability to make commands – which after all is really what Ubiquity is all about.  Overall Mozilla claims that they’ve enhanced the command editor with bug fixes and the ability to more easily create commands.For example bookmarklets can now be made into Ubiquity commands.

While I think that Ubiquity is a great idea – it’s still very early days. I would expect however though that with the improvement in command editing, adoption will grow.

The true test will ultimately come at the point when Mozilla itself decided that Ubiquity isn’t a seperate feature but rather core part of the browser and integrates into the mainline of Firefox development.

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