Mozilla tracking a week in the life of a Firefox browser

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From the ‘Mozilla Test Pilot‘ files:

How many add-ons do you have in Firefox? How much time did you spend in Firefox last week?

If you have opted into the Mozilla Labs Test Pilot add-on survey system — now you know, and so does Mozilla.

Test Pilot is a survey system from Mozilla Labs that can track and enable any number of different things. They’re now tracking  “A Week in the Life of a Browser’ effort which will track how users actually have used Firefox over the course of a week.

Remember of course that this is all opt-in and Mozilla is anonymizing the data at their end so that it’s not personally identifiable.

It’s a really interesting set of data that could shed led on how Firefox is actually used by the millions that rely on Firefox.

In my own personal case, the Test Pilot ‘A Week in the Life of a Browser’ study showed me things that I didn’t know about my own browsing habits.

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