Mozilla Ubiquity 0.5 update – Taskfox for Firefox 3.6?


From the ‘Firefox 3.6 features‘ files:

With Firefox 3.5 now a stable release (with an update coming soon), I’m turning my attention to the next release, Firefox 3.6. One of the key new features that should be part of that release is the Mozilla Labs project called Ubiquity — though in Firefox 3.6 it is being called Taskfox.

Ubiquity is interesting tool that enables to developers (and end users) to have commands they can send through the browser in order to execute tasks. The Ubiquity 0.5 update is a major release for the project – and it breaks compatibility with older Ubiquity releases.

“The new version of the parser has a new API for command developers,” Mozilla Ubiquity developers blogged. “Unfortunately, this means custom Ubiquity commands will need to be
updated in order to work with the new version. Fortunately, the
required updates are very minor; they mostly have to do with how
commands declare their arguments.”

The new API is a key feature of the 0.5 release and it fixes a few things that the older versions of Ubiquity could not do.

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