Mozilla updates Firefox Sync 1.6.1

From the ‘Sync This‘ files:

Mozilla continues to make improvements to its Firefox Sync technology with each incremental release. The new Firefox Sync 1.6.1 update is no exception, and improves on the synchronization experience.

Among the improvements that Mozilla’s release notes detail for Firefox 1.6.1 are a pile of bug fix and performance improvements.

Somewhat ironically however, when I first got prompted to update Sync, the add-on update failed (from a ‘cold’ start). On second try, after the browser had already loaded, the update did work (I tried this on three different computers, one Windows and two Linux) – so apparently there are still some stability and bug fix issues that remain to be fixed.

That said, Firefox Sync has become an essential component of my browsing life and I literally could not work (well) without it.

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