Mozilla Weave 1.0 hits beta 2 release

From the ‘Sync‘ files:

Mozilla is out this week with beta 2 of its Weave 1.0 Firefox add-on for user data synchronization. Weave is a really interesting open source technology that synchronizes bookmarks, tabs, passwords and browser history across Firefox browsers.

The beta 2 release follows the beta 1 release by a week, which to me indicates a degree of focus that I personally have not seen from Mozilla’s engineering team on Weave in its two years of development to date. Mozilla is serious about getting the 1.0 ready for production release and the beta 2 is proof positive of that fact.

In Weave 1.0 beta 2,  the changes/fixes are really about fit and finish as far as I can tell.

Among the improvements is a really needed UI change for viewing synced tabs. Prior to beta 2 you’d see all the tabs from your other synced machines in one big list.

Now with beta 2 when you see the tabs from other sync’ed computers, you also see the name of the other computer. That’s a big organizational help to figure out what’s what and where it came from.

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