Mozilla Weave gears up for new release


While Firefox 3 is the big thing coming from Mozilla next week – it’s likely not the only thing. Mozilla Weave which is a Mozilla Labs effort for data synchronization and collaboration should have its 0.2 version out very near the Firefox 3 release on Tuesday.

The general idea behind Weave is that by utilizing a Mozilla online services
backend, users can store data such as bookmarks and history. That data
can be synchronized with their local browser or even multiple browsers. The last major Weave release came out in April while the platform only got started in December of 2007.

The 0.2 platform will add new data types, according to a recent post by Mozilla developer Chris Beard. When I was at the Mozilla Toronto office, Mike Beltzner gave me the run down on the promise and the potential that is Mozilla Weave. Like many, I incorrectly suspected in the beginning that Weave was some kind of killer, but Weave really is much more.

Check out the full discussion with Beltzner in the video below:

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