Mozilla’s open source phone system


What does Mozilla – arguably the most popular open source project in the world – use for its telephony solution?

It shouldn’t surprise you that they use a solution built in open source should it?

When I was at Mozilla’s Toronto office – I made sure to check out all the ‘flashing lights’ and being an admitted geek I like to see what kind of phone systems people use (no I know nothing about phone phreaking….).

It looks like Mozilla uses an Asterisk phone system to connect their various locations. I’ve been following the Asterisk project for years and am always amazed to see it in use (yes I know it’s ‘boring’ to some but I still find it interesting).

Mozilla developer Mike Beltzner answered my questions (or tried too..thnx Mike!) about Mozilla’s use of Asterisk…check out the little vid below of the exchange.


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