Mozilla’s Thanksgiving present? Firefox 3.6 Beta 4

From the ‘Still Working Today‘ files:

While many organizations are winding down for the U.S Thanksgiving holiday, Mozilla is ramping with a new milestone development release of its open source Firefox web browser.

Mozilla is planning on releasing Firefox 3.6 Beta 4 late today or early Thursday. The Beta 4 release follows the Beta 3 release which came out last week fixing at least 83 bugs.

Beta 4 is loaded with fixes too, over 140 of them according to Mike Beltzner, Mozilla’s Director of Firefox.

“As discussed in today’s development meeting, due to the excellent work on knocking down the Firefox 3.6 Beta topcrash list, we’ve decided that it would be worthwhile to ship another beta update to our close to half million testers to confirm our expectations,” Beltzner wrote in a mailing list posintg. “We’d also like to get as much feedback as possible on the more than 140 fixes we’ve made since we shipped the update last week.”

I’ve been using Firefox 3.6 as my everyday browser now for a few weeks and it is noticeably faster than Firefox 3.5. Speed isn’t the only reason why Firefox 3.6 will be a welcome upgrade for browser users.

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