Net neutrality sees first light in new Congress


Just short of eight months into the 111th Congress, the first full-throated attempt to make Net neutrality the law of the land has materialized in the House.

It came from Reps. Ed Markey and Anna Eshoo, both Democrats. Markey has attached his name to Net neutrality efforts in the two previous Congresses.

The Internet Freedom and Preservation Act, introduced on Friday, would codify the right of Internet users to access lawful content on broadband networks without discrimination, while clarifying that ISPs are entitled to engage in reasonable network management.

It also would also call on the Federal Communications Commission to set rules regarding the enforcement of the legislation, which includes requirements of meaningful disclosure to subscribers about how the network they pay to access is being managed.

From the bill: “As the nation becomes more reliant upon such Internet technologies and services, unfettered access to the Internet to offer, access and utilize content, services and applications is vital.”

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