Netscape Not Dead (Yet)

netscape.gifFeb 1st was supposed to the end of Netscape Navigator support. In their infinite wisdom AOL has decided to stay Netscape’s execution by one month to March 1st. AOL/Netscape development director Tom Drapeau made the announcement in a blog post.

Mozilla, Flock
and AOL are working together to provide tools to ease the migration of
existing Netscape browser users to our recommended Flock and Firefox
alternatives. Both Flock and Firefox are built on the same Mozilla
Firefox codebase.

There will be an update made available for
Netscape 9 users through the established Netscape browser update
feature that will streamline the process of choosing from these two
great browser alternatives.

Frankly, I don’t really understand why AOL felt the need to extend the suffering of Netscape users. I suppose AOL got enough backlash for only providing 30 days notice, that they had to extend support. Additionally it really makes you wonder how many Netscape 9 users are actually still out there that need support.

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