Novell wins $2.5 million from SCO – What?!

After four years of legal battles, the judge in the Novell versus SCO Unix case has ruled that SCO owes Novell – $2.5 million.

WHAT?! That’s it? That can’t be right can it??

The lawyers have made more than that for sure and in the end they are the true winners here.

Essentially Kimball ruled that SCO didn’t owe Novell any money on SCO’s UnixWare or OpenServer products which is where SCO makes most of its money. The actual SVRX Unix licenses apparently never really made SCO all that much money – go figure.

So with their $100 million credit line in tow and their OpenServer and UnixWare products, SCO will live another day and will continue to fight.

Though I don’t understand their legal basis, I have seen no indication that SCO won’t continue its legal case against IBM as well, but the fact that they never owned the SVRX licenses REALLY should mean that they can’t. But hey I’m not a lawyer ….

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