One more nail…

The clock is ticking on HD DVD. Ticking down. Netflix today announced it would no longer carry HD DVD titles, only Blu-ray. This comes almost a year after Blockbuster made the same decision. So if you want a high definition movie, it has to be Blu-ray.

I had long figured this would happen as more titles are released. There’s no such thing as unlimited shelf space, even in Netflix’s massive warehouses, and sooner or later companies are going to rebel against having to stock two or three versions of the same movie. With Blu-ray looking like the clear winner and shelf space limited, you have to figure this is going to continue to happen. No one will want to invest in a perceived loser and the momentum will build.

Looks like I spoke too soon. Best Buy is indeed taking sides. It has said Blu-ray will be its choice for a digital format to showcase in its stores. The chain added that it will continue to sell HD DVD, but Blu-ray is going to get the prominent positioning and treatment. I’ll have a full story shortly.

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