Open Source enters the mainstream (in Europe)

From the “how about that…” files:

A new study out from open source BIRT vendor Actuate indicates that open source adoption in Europe seem to be at a faster pace (percentage wise) than the US.

According to the study nearly 62 percent of respondants in France noted that open source is the preferred option or
explicitly considered as an option when procuring software. In Germany the number is slightly higher at nearly 64 percent.

In terms of those who are actually using open source software, Actuate’s study reported that 51 percent of Germans respondents are actively using open source software in the UK the figure was reported at 43 percent, in France 42 percent and in North America it’s 40 percent.

Of course Actuate has an open source bias – being an open source vendor – but still, it’s interesting to note the (small) geographical differences in reported adoption of open source software.

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