OpenOffice more popular than Google Docs?

From the “it’s all free” files:

According to a new study of adult U.S. Internet Users on Home PCs, May – November 2008 is more widely used than Google Docs.

The study from research vendor ClickStream reported 5 percent usage for OpenOffice and only 1 percent for Google Docs.

So does that mean OpenOffice wins? Not quite.

Use of Google Spreadsheets was 3 percent (so that narrows the gap). Overall Microsoft Office dominated the field for productivity applications with 51 percent for Word and 26 percent for Excel.

Though Microsoft dominates, it’s still interesting to see the relative performance of OpenOffice. According to, the 3.0 release which came out just over a month ago has had over 10 million downloads since its release. Sure that’s still not a huge number for Microsoft – but a non-trivial number nonetheless.

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