2.4 Brings New Features

The latest (OOo) point release is now out, bringing with it a long list of incremental feature improvements.

Among those that I find interesting are ones that are mostly applicable to its spreadsheet. Those items include: Support for Access 2007 (.accdb files) and a Convert text to columns feature which sure looks handy.

Sun’s OOo development team has been keen on some new charting features that provide some interesting options. My personal favorite there is the ability to display both Value and Percentage on a chart. Sure it sounds pedestrian enough, but remember it’s the little things that really add polish to software (even though it’s the big stuff that often is the ‘news‘).

The ‘big’ release for OOo is still to come though with OOo version 3 later this year. A key item in that release is expected to be support for Microsoft’s Word 2007 .doc format. As well OOo version 3 is set to be the first OOo release under the new LGPLv3 license.

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