Oracle gearing up Solaris 11 compatibility

From the ‘Does IT Work?‘ files:

Oracle has been building out the next generation version of its Solaris UNIX platform ever since it acquired Sun last year.

Solaris 11 is available as a developer preview now in something called Solaris 11 Express which came out in November.

Now Oracle is ramping up the Solaris 11 effort with a new Oracle Solaris 11 Compatibility Checker Tool. This is an important step for Oracle and Solaris users.

While there will be new applications written for Solaris 11, the vast majority of available applications will be those that were written for prior versions.

“For more than a decade Solaris has
maintained a Binary
Compatibility Guarantee
, and this guarantee is planned to
continue after the release of Oracle Solaris 11,” Oracle notes on the Compatibility checker site.”However, it’s still possible to build
applications that, even though they compile and run successfully, are
not using OS interfaces properly, or use deprecated interfaces, which
may cause the application to break at some point in the future. It’s
always helpful to find potential trouble spots, adding yet one more
way to assure your application continues to run.”

Very true.

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