Outercurve packs in open source .NET packager

From the ‘Formerly Known As CodePlex‘ files:

The Microsoft sponsored Outercurve Foundation has added a new open source project to its roster.
NuPack is an open source project management system for .NET. NuPack is all about enabling developers to more easily incorporate third party libraries and in my view makes perfect sense as an open source project.

“The NuPack project is significant because two groups of developers –
one independent, one from Microsoft – discovered they were working to
solve the same problem and decided to collaborate and contribute the
combined project to the Foundation.” said Paula Hunter, Executive
Director, The Outercurve Foundation in a statement.

According to the Outercurve Foundation, NuPack was jointly contributed by Microsoft, the foundation’s funding
sponsor, and the independent developers of the Nubular (NU) project.

Beyond the joint contribution, NuPack is also significant since this is the first project being added to Outcurve since it rebranded itself from previously being known as CodePlex.

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