Palm looks to Seinfeld cast in ‘Pre’ Pre Push

The five-month wait for the first Palm Pre models to hit the store shelves is almost over. This Saturday, the Pre is slated to be available at Sprint stores and various retail outlets including Best Buy. Apple went through a somewhat similar drawn out affair with the first iPhone, previewing it in January, 2007 and then shipping the first models in June of that year.

But Apple had the rumor mill on its side, working overtime to generate buzz and speculation as to what features would be included in the iPhone. Palm has been open as to [the Palm Pre’s specs ](/mobility/article.php/3822696/Palm+Pre+Debut+Kicks+Off+Smartphone+Smackdown.htm)and has been pitching the device more directly of late. Last week Palm execs spoke at the [All Things D conference ]( the Pre. Now Palm and partner Sprint are hosting a charity event Wednesday, ahead of launch, to get the Pre in front of some of Hollywood’s heavyweights.


The “VIP Event celebrating the launch of the all new Palm Pre” will be held at [Raleigh Studios]( in Hollywood and emceed by none other than Jason Alexander of Seinfeld fame. Yes, the man who, playing George Constanza, admitted to “shrinkage,” got caught by his mother doing something naughty and lied about being an architect and marine biologist in separate episodes, will take to the stage on Palm’s behalf.

**Is Jerry in the house?**

Better yet, I’m told Jerry Seinfeld himself is slated to make an appearance that will include a standup routine. Sounds like a lot more than a show about nothing.

“We’re bringing the band back together,” a Palm spokesperson joked to me in an interview. Palm said the event will also raise money for [Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans of America](

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