Perimeter launches two new cloud products

Security company Perimeter, a company that has been selling under the motto “Security in the Cloud” for at least five years, today released a new security product called Viewpoint 2.0 and a new e-mail product called Commercial Messaging Service 2.0, or CMS 2.0.

Viewpoint 2.0 is the flagship product. The latest version offers over 50 modular services, sold in an a la carte pricing model. “The outsourcing debate is over,” Doug Howard, Perimeter’s chief strategy officer, told

“Security teams have been asked to do more with less,” added Kevin Prince, Perimeter chief security offer.

Howard said that customers now realize that SaaS firms can deliver expertise and cost savings by sharing the benefits of economies of scale with their customers. Perimeter can afford to do R&D and price it at an affordable rate as it spreads the cost of new services across a large number of customers.


Viewpoint 2.0 firewall screen shot
Source: Perimeter

Viewpoint 2.0 is a comprehensive security suite that integrates six services: system defense, e-mail defense, network defense, user defense, intrusion defense, and vulnerability defense (i.e., patching), according to Howard.

Howard said that many customers purchase one service first and gradually add more as they come to trust Perimeter. On average, companies have between five and seven services with Perimeter, Prince added.

Other security services offered by Perimeter include compliance, archiving, and business continuity.

CMS 2.0

The messaging product, CMS 2.0, offers anti-spam plus anti-virus plus customer service, Howard said. “And unlike Google, it works with Microsoft Outlook,” he added.

While businesses might pay $10 per seat per month for an Exchange system, customers pay $2 per seat per month, or less, with service included, Howard said.

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