PHP Zend Framework 1.7 adds Adobe support

From the “PHP everywhere” files:

The open source Zend Framework 1.7 is now available expanding the PHP framework to work better with Adobe Flex and AIR applications. Adobe and Zend announced back in September that they would be collaborating for Zend Framework and now they’ve delivered.

“Adobe and Zend have been working together to make Flex and AIR application development much easier for PHP developers,”  Zend co-founder Andi Gutmans blogged ” This announcement marks a significant milestone in those efforts with the production release of the Zend_Amf component in ZF 1.7. Now PHP 5 developers can use the open, binary AMF3 protocol (think of it as ActionScript’s native tongue) as easily as any other server-client protocol in Zend Framework.”

Action Message Format (AMF) is the protocol that Flex uses to talk to the back end enabling both Flex and Flash based applications to exchange data with servers.

The Zend Framework 1.7 also includes some other neat features that PHP developers will likely benefit from. Among them is the  ZendX_JQuery module which provides integration with the JQuery JavaScript toolkit. There is also support in the Zend_Search_Lucene module for indexing Office Open XML documents which could be a very useful thing too.

The 1.7 release comes just under three months after the Zend Framework 1.6 release which made Figlets into something useful for CAPTCHA (if you haven’t read that story, you should).  Great to see that regular  progress continues to be made on this PHP framework. It’s something that continues to re-inforce the fact that PHP is still a very modern and capable language for web application development.

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