Pligg 1.1.3 updates open source digg clone for Karma


From the ‘+1‘ files:

The open source Pligg project has been around now for five years and is celebrating with a new release.

The Pligg 1.1.3 release provides security and bug fixes as well as a new Karma-based voting method to complement the existing digg and reddit styles of voting.

I like to think of Pligg as an open source clone of Digg – a system where users submit and vote on articles. The reality is that with the new 1.1.3 release, Pligg is so much more than what Digg offers to users, and the best part is that Pligg is open source.

the front end of this new Karma method will be identical to the Digg
method and display the number of votes cast for the story, the back end
will be calculating a karma score for the article,” the Pligg 1.1.3 release notes state. “That karma score is
calculated by adding up all of the karma scores from users who have
voted on the article. The site will then publish stories that have
reached a certain karma score.”

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