Presidential debates come to Hulu

The long list of media outlets offering live coverage of tonight’s presidential debate just got a little longer, with Hulu jumping into the mix.

Hulu, a joint venture of Fox parent News Corp. and NBC, will offer live streaming of tonight’s debate, the second of three contests between the principals, on its new election page.

Hulu has also posted archived full-length videos of the first presidential debate and the one between the vice presidential candidates.

The good folks at Hulu also did their viewers the great courtesy of chopping the debates up into clips, indexed by topic, so you don’t have to wade through the whole drab ordeal to get to the guts of the thing.

For each debate, viewers can select the video from Fox News or MSNBC. I’d love to see those numbers — it occurs to me that comparing how many viewers opted for one versus the other ought to give a pretty good sense of the political leanings of Hulu’s audience.

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