Recovery for telcom/networking gear in 2010?

From the ‘follow the yellow brick road‘ files:

Infonetics Research is now forecasting a recovery of the telecom/datacom equipment market in 2010.


While the recession officially started in the US in 2008, Infonetics is now reporting that the telecom and datacom (networking) equipment vendors they track, hit global revenues of $150 billion in 2008. That represents a year over year growth rate of 8 percent. That growth wasn’t due to increased unit shipments, but rather the depreciation of the US dollar in relation to other currencies.

For 2008, Infonetics names Cisco as the overall global leader in telecom/datacom network equipment with Alcatel-Lucent and Ericsson following.

“Though service provider capital expenditures are slightly decreasing in 2009 and 2010, spending is still on the rise for products that help carriers transform their networks,” Jeff Wilson, Infonetics Research’s Principal Analyst for Network Security said in a statement.

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