Red Hat Accelerates JBoss


Linux vendor Red Hat is on a mission to dramatically expand the market share for its JBoss middleware platform.  In a press conference today during the JBoss World event in Orlando Craig Muzilla, vice president, Middleware
Business at Red Hat declared that Red Hat was setting a strategy in motion to capture 50 percent of enterprise middleware workloads by 2015.

During the course of the press conference Muzilla was repeated asked to qualify the 50 percent statement in various terms including financial. Muzilla for the most part stuck with his talking points noting that Red Hat is talking about workloads as opposed to dollars. The reason why he wouldn’t give a figure for revenues is because JBoss is sold as a subscription basis whereas other middleware solutions are sold as licenses.

In terms of how Red Hat plans on growing its share, Muzilla outlined in very general terms an “Enterprise Acceleration Program” for JBoss.  Muzilla was repeatedly asked during the press conference to elaborate on the Acceleration program in terms of any potential new products. Muzilla instead provided the broad strokes of the overall strategy.  In a nutshell, Red Hat is going to push forward enterprise JBoss adoption with acceleration centers that help to facilitate migrations and performance tuning for both customers and ISVs.

Muzilla was also asked about key personnel departures from JBoss since the Red Hat acquisition.  Muzilla did admit that they have had some departures but he quickly noted that they’ve also added new sales and pre-sales people. He also noted that the core JBoss development team was still intact and working on the platform.

So not a whole lot of meat to the Day One announcements at JBoss World in terms of product or technology, but Red Hat is certainly setting an aggressive target by aiming for 50 percent of all middleware workloads. It will be interesting to see how the actual product components of Red Hat’s acceleration strategy for JBoss roll out in the weeks ahead. In fact we may not have to wait too long, as Day Two of JBoss World is tomorrow and no doubt they’ll be a few more announcements.

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