Red Hat not worried about Ubuntu Unity for Linux

From the ‘Ubuntu Unity Doesn’t Scare Us!‘ files:

It’s been over a week since, Ubuntu dropped the bombshell that it was going with its own Unity user interface instead of GNOME Shell, for the next Ubuntu Linux release.

While some in the open source community have had a negative viewpoint on Ubuntu’s move away from GNOME Shell, a key Red Hat staffer doesn’t have a problem with it.

Red Hat’s Fedora Project Leader, Jared Smith told me that he’s been using GNOME Shell (in its current development state) for the last few months and he’s happy with it. On a personal level, he noted that GNOME Shell represents a paradigm shift for how users get around the Linux desktop.

As far as Ubuntu’s decision to abandon GNOME Shell, Smith sees it as a matter of choice.

“Different distributions will do different things and I think
that’s a healthy part of the open source way – people get lots of choice,” Smith said. “That
may influence some people not to participate in GNOME Shell and it may encourage others to step up and do more.”

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