Red Hat open sources Teiid virtual data integration


From the ‘data is everywhere‘ files:

Red Hat today announced a new open source effort called Teiid that is all about virtual Enterprise Information Integration (EII).

The problem that it solves is one we’re all familiar with — data lives in multiple sources and environments and users don’t always want to have to physically move/copy it to make use of it for data integration.

The way Teiid is supposed to work is it focuses on data virtualization allowing real data access without having to move data (yes I know on *nix systems we’ve long had symbolic links which is a similar concept at a lower level). 

The way Teiid achieves its data virtualization is by way of Java Database Connectivity (JDBC) and Web Services interfaces. The new open source project is part of Red Hat’s JBoss division and comes out of technology acquired by Red Hat from its acquisition of MetaMatrix in 2007.

“When Red Hat acquired MetaMatrix in April 2007, we committed to releasing the data services technology in the open source community and Teiid is the result of that promise,” said Craig Muzilla, vice president of Red Hat’s middleware business in a statement.

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