RIP: Nicholas Givotovsky, marketer and intellect, at 44

Consultant Nicholas Givotovsky died this week, aged 44, from an accident involving a lawn mower. He is survived by his wife and two children.


I met Nicholas Givotovsky at David Isenberg’s Freedom to Connect (F2C) conference and through Isabel Walcott, a consultant who helped F2C generate publicity and helped Givotovsky network.

I last spoke to him two or three weeks ago. He was enthusiastic about a nascent project to help deliver a secure online identity to Internet users.

It’s a concern he’s always had. Today, looking for his Internet footprint, I found a poem reprinted in the blog of Steve Larsen and written in 1996. Called “Webmasters — We Market Mindshare”, the poem’s last line is a warning: “we’ll be able to bar code your soul.”

Given these concerns about marketing, Givotovski became involved in the VRM project whose most famous name is Doc Searls.

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